In the nearly 2 years of posting this blog I’ve come to find that people visit for two reasons other than just being entertained. Moms and motherly type want to come read to get a guy’s perspective on how this whole parenting process works. Dads and non-motherly type are hoping desperately that I’ve figured the motherly type out and can provide some glimpse into dealing with them.
*Note there is actually a third type that come to the blog, for some reason I get traffic from the search results “guys rubbing each others bellies” and “wild and crazy grandmas”. I am just not going to go there however. 

I am very sorry for those of you who think I have it all figured out. I’ve got nothing. In fact my brief obsession with chaos theory has yielded more insight than anything else I’ve come up with at this point.

For starters, I have absolutely no clue what makes my wife cry. There are moments when Ava does something new and she gets excited and there are times when she does something new and the wife burst into tears.

Example:  The girl has been pulling up on things and standing up lately, which has up until this point made the momma excited. Ava is sort of a poor judge at how high she can stand up when she pulls up on things. She has a pillow that she will stand up on, of course it is only about a foot off the ground so that does almost no good.

Last night we are watching a show and letting Ava play a bit. She crawled over to the pillow and stood up with it, which results in her butt significantly higher than her head. For the first time however she decided to just push back from the pillow. So there she was, standing without support on her own. I immediately get excited and congratulate the girl, telling her good job. The mom burst uncontrollably into tears for a good 15 minutes.

I am offering a free lunch to anyone willing to explain what makes the momma cry.

  • Kat

    There’s no explanation.  I cried the first time Nate ate a sandwich b/c it seemed like such a grown up thing to do.  IT MAKES NO SENSE!

  • Valerie

    because when babies do things on their own – at any age – without the help of mamma, it sounds the alarm that they are growing up, which means they will no longer need momma’s help, and will one day be on their own, and that time will fly by ever so quickly………which makes the momma wish they could just stay babies forever.   Not to mention – IT’S A GIRL THING TO CRY!

  • Kelli Marks

    You got me.

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