Ava is almost a year old. 11 months today actually. Over the last year you all who are connected to the mom and me have loved pretty much anything we have put out about the girl. Which, let’s be honest, we make amazingly beautiful babies together. We actually have been told that by complete strangers, which is as completely awkward as you can imagine.

One thing that everyone has loved above all is our growth pictures of Ava in her car seat. It has been a fun project because you can clearly see how our itty bitty baby has grown to an ever so slightly larger (but still little) girl. The photos however were complete accident at first, which is why the timeline is off.

See it started out when we were leaving the hospital. We put her in her car seat to leave, strapped it down as tight as it would go, and still she could have easily just wiggled out of the seat. She looked so small in comparison to the car seat that we had to take a picture. So the first one came at the hospital.

We were so scared she was going to slip out of the car seat that we hurried her home and only got her out when we absolutely had to. We didn’t much until almost 2 months when we realized she fit a little better and wasn’t going to fall out. That was the second photo. I thought it would be fun to compare the two side by side to show the difference. You all unexpectedly loved it, more than we really expected. It was at that point a onetime thing.

A few months go by and she grows. Occasionally someone mentions doing another comparison picture, which I naturally forget to do. Finally the number of people including my wife asking for another round becomes overwhelming. So I do a 5 month one to shut you all up.

Only you didn’t shut up, you wanted more. I actually took a 6 month one, but realized the difference in one month was not dramatic enough and went to an every other month thing from that point. I’ve done a 7, 9, and 11 month version. I’ve kept it with my camera phone because that was how the first picture was taken. Trust me as a photographer it pains me to have my most popular series be from an iPhone, but as Chase Jarvis would tell you, the best camera is the one you have with you.

In that time I’ve found out a few things. #1 odd numbers are terrible. #2 babies grow a lot. #3 they outgrow car seats way too quick. I can’t imagine my 16 year old daughter being willing to pose every other month in her old car seat when I get to that point.

So going forward and learning from my lessons I am going to continue this. I’ll have a different point of reference and I am starting on her first birthday and doing even months from there. Also I am taking it with a real camera, expect a much better second series.

  • Arkiebell

    don’t worry about a donation to the upperclass capitalist on my behalf…..I’ll keep your content to myself…….;0)

  • http://kelli-marksthespot.blogspot.com/ Kelli Marks

    I have to know, will you continue to have her sit there when she’s sixteen? I want to see that.

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