cupWhen I go to pick the girl up from daycare they typically have her some water sitting out in one of her cups for her to drink. Then when I drop her off in the morning they sometimes have milk ready for them to drink.

You would think it was the most amazing, fantastic, magical drink in the world.

She screams when she leaves for her wawa. She can not make it another moment of her life without the highest form of liquid on earth. She must have it. And I am the evil person depriving her of those ultimate drops of goodness if I want to keep her cup at school so I don’t forget it the next day.

Same with the milk. Dad must place this frothy white goodness into her mouth with an urgency that has no equal. This creamy substance is the nectar of the gods, the foundation on which the very galaxy was created, the fruit of life and creator of all things good in life. It must be consumed for the world to continue.

Then we get home.

me: Ava, you want some water?

the girl: no!

me: do you want some milk?

the girl: NO!

me: Are you sure? You love water and milk at day care.

the girl: NO! NO! NO!

me: what do you want?

the girl: juice, JUICE, JUICCCCEEEEE!!! It is the greatest form of all liquids and I must consume it now or the very foundation of the world will fall apart and we will all parish together.

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