One of the biggest things I’ve never understood about pregnancy was the impulse to rub a pregnant belly. You always see pregnant women walking around mindlessly rubbing their bellies.

What is even more crazy are the other women who will walk up to a woman and rub their belly. I’ve even seen total strangers do this.

Not being far along Brandie already rubs her belly. It is some sort of unconscious desire to reach down and rub. She doesn’t even realize she is doing it. Even more odd was today she had someone at work who she hardly knows ask to rub her belly.

Maybe this one is something that someone else can explain for me. I understand that it probably soothes the baby a bit when it gets a little bigger. But why the natural instinct to rub it this early on? Especially why the hell do random people try to come up and rub a pregnant lady’s belly?

I think us guys should start randomly rubbing each other’s belly in public just to see if women find that odd.

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  • erniebufflo

    Last night, on couples week Wheel of Fortune, one couple had a pregnant wife. The husband would NOT stop rubbing her belly, in an oddly enthusiastic way, as if she were some sort of lucky rabbit’s foot, or a statue of the Buddha. I turned to my husband and said, “Note, if we are ever on national television and I am pregnant, please refrain from rubbing my belly.” He said, “Noted.”

  • Keith

    and I’m not rubbing your belly, for the record.

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