This may sound a little strange coming from someone who hates surprises, but I really like mysteries. Mysteries manage to create creativity. They inspire us to try to do something better than we believe we are capable of doing. They give us hope in the worst times and a reason to keep smiling in the best. Mysteries have taken us to the moon, literally. If we were able to fully understand anything then it never has the possibility to mean everything to us.

I was going back through some of my favorite videos the other day and rediscovered a talk from JJ Abrams. He talks about this mystery box that he keeps on his shelf and uses it for inspiration. He gets into the whole concept of mystery and how that influences the work he creates. Take 20 minutes when you get a chance and watch the talk, one of my absolute favorites.

I think my mystery box has become this kid. It seems like unending mystery. I was a little worried honestly about finding out the sex of the baby. The world of mystery was so wide open; it could be a boy or a girl with unlimited possibilities. I was afraid by knowing I would for some reason stop imagining quite as much. Of course I hate surprises so I had to know.

Thankfully by finding out it has opened up a whole new level of mystery. It allows me wonder even more. I can now think of her as a her, instead of an it. I can call her Ava and feel motivated to give her the best life possible. I can feel inspired to solve some of the problems I see in this world she will grow up in. But most of all, I can work to instill a sense of mystery in her that will allow her to ignore limits and push to get everything she wants out of life. That is what a dad should do.



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  • diane

    This thing called parenthood is a mystery… but a fantastic one at that. Love the name, Ava. :-)

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