SupermanThey call us the young invincibles. We rarely get sick, never go to the doctor and give relatively little thought to our health. It is mostly mid to late 20’s males. We are that little gap between the paranoid generation ahead of us and the generation behind us that was babied by their parents.

Before this week I’ve been to the doctor once in my adult life for actually being sick. I was working at a camp 6 years ago and I met this cute girl with an awful haircut. Then some kid gave me pink eye. I was going to keep working to spend time with her but my boss told me to either go to the doctor or go home. I decided to go, the doctor told me it would be best to take the week off. Naturally I went back and told my boss he said everything was fine and I could go back to work, and more importantly the girl. That girl became my wife for the record, probably was a good call on my part.

This past Friday I started experiencing a pain in my tailbone. It quickly swelled up and I was unable to sit. I started thinking about my good friend @RobbyMatthews and what he is going through with his father’s spinal cancer. Then I started thinking about the little bump growing in my wife, the one who married me despite the funk eye she saw that summer I worked at the camp. Then I agreed to let her take me to the doctor. It turned out to be just a cyst, but nothing I would have been able to fix on my own, I actually needed the doctor.

That day the Superman inside of me died. When it was just me I could afford to fight it off. I could take on the world and most likely win. But now that it is not and there is a little one who will need a father that small chance is too much to take. I never thought I would experience that. I can probably count on one hand the number of real sick days I have taken (I take some just to have a single day off). This week for the first time I took an actual week off. Not because I could, I’ve got a pile of work to do and would rather take care of it), but because my body needed to. It appears this Superman found his kryptonite, it is in the form of a beautiful boy or girl growing in my wife, who has a much better hair cut now.

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  • Adena

    Goodness, that sounds painful. I’m glad you went to the doctor and that it was nothing more serious.

    • Greg

      Thanks Adena. The funny part was having to walk around like I just spent my first night in prison and met bubba. That and it has been nearly impossible to find a way to sit. Which naturally means writing a paper is almost out of the question. I had to write the post standing up.

  • Audreya

    I had a cyst in the same area – probably the same kind and everything – about 7 years ago. I was so miserable that David gave me an engagement ring to make me feel better. I think I feel another one coming on in a few years. Maybe somewhere around our 10th anniversary…

    I’m getting caught up on your blog late – so hopefully you’re already mended. Painful as I know it was, glad it was nothing more serious!

    • Greg

      I am close to being mended. It is still a little sore, but probably because I’ve been busy in the office all week in addition to class Monday and Wednesday nights. That is a lot of sitting. Pain pills do wonders though.

      I feel sort of shafted in this deal. You got an engagement ring, I have not got anything yet. It might be time to start negotiating with my wife…

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