The Dad Thing, now in 3D

So I have been a bit of a terrible blogger lately. There has been a bit of a time crunch trying to cram a lot in before I leave for SXSW in Austin next week, cramming even more in before I take off for a month when Ava is born, and trying to actually do a little bit of grad school work. I promise I have more coming, hopefully another post or two this week even.

I decided back when I originally started blogging that I would not be one of those “look how cute my kid is” type of bloggers. Yes I would share a few funnies, but the blog really is about me and my journey. That sounds a bit selfish, but I think it is a story that needs to be told. I can direct you to plenty of the cute kid bloggers, they are very entertaining to read.

That being said, I am going to break that rule real quick and share a fun one with you…

Ok, first off, Ava is going to have a total dork for a dad. For the past week or so as my time with baby momma has been cut a bit short I have been trying to make a point to set down without distraction and spend time with her. Ava has been very active lately, so a good deal of that time has been feeling her move around and kick.

The other night when doing this I decided to start talking to Ava (yes I talk to Brandie’s belly) when she was not moving. All of a sudden I could feel her move across Brandie’s belly over to where my voice was and start kicking. I’ve tried it over and over again. I will go to the opposite side of Brandie than Ava is on, and she will always move toward me and start moving. Sometimes she even gets really excited and starts kicking a lot.

Brandie of course has been the unfortunate bystander in my little game. Thankfully so far she has enjoyed it. Becoming a dad really is a fantastic time.


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