So the big question that everyone wants to know is if the baby is a boy or a girl. I think I’ve been asked that question 20 times this past week alone. I don’t really understand the whole baby making process from this point forward so I am assuming that this must be around the time most people find out.

The second question I’ve been asked is if we want to find out. I hate surprises. Especially ones I know are coming. If you want to surprise me do it spontaneous. For example, I think I have figured out my Christmas presents from either my wife or parents for the past 20 years. I just have to know. Probably 5 out of the 6 years I’ve been with my now wife the presents didn’t make it until Christmas.

So yes I want to know, bad. We go to the doctor again on December 10th, we are hoping to talk her into taking a peak and telling us real quick before Christmas. If not we have a large ultra sound on the 29th so we may have to wait until after. I’ve been studying the ultra sound photos pretty close to try to tell. So far they are inconclusive, unfortunately I see no signs of a wee-wee or woo-woo.

The final question I’ve been getting after the above are answered is what do I want? Honestly, I don’t care, but here is the breakdown:

Pros: I understand them, I enjoy their form of curiosity over the female versions, cost a lot less in clothing.

Cons: I understand them, they do stupid stuff a lot, they do even more stupid stuff than their parents know about (trust me), they cost far more in hospital bills.

Pros: What dad could resist a daddy’s girl?, they are cute all around, far less likely to cause injury to themselves.

Cons: I don’t think I can resist a daddy’s girl (spoiled), most eventually hang out with boys (see above about stupid things), we live way to close to all the malls and shopping in LR.

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  • Mom

    First….is there something that you need to tell me…re: all the stupid stuff that your parents don’t know about.
    Second….Grandmas love those little girls. We love buying clothes for those little girls and dressing them in all sorts of cute little outfits. So there goes your clothing cost excuse. Besides the hospital bills for those broken arms and ankles far out way the mall receipts.
    But, if it is a little boy I’ll spoil him just the same and send him home for you to deal with later. : )

    • Greg

      Nope nothing at all I need to tell you. Although you probably would have not been too happy about things like cliff jumping in college and things like that. Just guessing of course.

  • KatieMc


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