Today was a day that we have had circled on our calendar for a long time. In the last pregnancy it was our 2nd appointment where we found out about the miscarriage. It was the beginning of a very dark time in our life. Thankfully we had lots of great friends around us who went above and beyond to pick us up and encourage us to move on.

So today was that dreaded second appointment. We took all the precautions to play it safe, we made our first appointment later in the pregnancy and we have been more watchful for some of the warning signs. Still nothing guaranteed that everything would be alright this time around.

But here it is. I’d like to introduce you to my kid-to-be:

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Everything is great and this time it is really happening. There really is a healthy kid growing. At first I was relieved. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. Then all of a sudden that weight fell back on. I realized I am actually going to be a dad. There is actually going to be a kid I am responsible for. I’ve got to change dirty diapers.

So here is to the start of a whole new adventure. I have no idea what to expect out of the second and third trimesters, and certainly no clue when it actually gets here. I am sure it is going to be interesting.

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  • keith

    Awesome. Great to hear my friend.

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