Quapaw Quarter UMC (from 09)

The best part about the social connectivity of our world is that I have friends all over the place, most I rarely see. Heck for that matter there are a few I have never even met. A lot of you ask me frequently how the baby momma is doing and how the baby bump is coming along. I think this quote from the past weekend from her sums it up nicely.

I can’t see my feet

On Saturday we attended the funeral of a close friend’s father, which happen to be at our old church, Quapaw Quarter UMC. For those of you that have been there you know it has a fairly impressive set up steps leading to the door. These are not for the faint of heart, short of breath, or, apparently, those with a sizable belly. We were leaving the church and started going down the stairs. Not paying any attention, and thinking she was right next to me, I descended the stairs like a champ thanks in part to my new lower carb focus (ok, maybe that is a stretch).

As I was about to reach the last step I hear someone say my name in the distance. I turn around and see Brandie standing on the 3rd step from the top. I asked her what was wrong and she whispered something that I couldn’t hear. I walked up to her and asked her again. She whispered: “I can’t see my feet and I can’t see the steps. So I don’t know where to put my feet to get down.” I helped her down the steps and safely to the car. She got a big bowl of crawfish chowder from Flying Fish to make her feel better.

So those of you looking for an update: It is growing just like it should, but God help us both when she decides she wants her toenails painted.

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    It sounds like you two are having good time with new one coming. I am enjoying your story.

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