About 15 months ago, last Christmas, Brandie and I shared with the world the most wonderful news. We were going to have a kid. What followed became the wildest roller coaster ride I’ve been on in a while. I started this blog as a way to take a different look at the process of bringing a kid into this world than the typical mommy blogger.

I had no clue what would happen. It ended up not ending as we hoped and the roller coaster went downhill quickly. But in that time we realized some really amazing people. You all cared for us in a way that was never expected and caught both of us off guard.

It all hurt a lot, but you all were there to help us pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Today we visited the doctor again, and I am happy to say looks like this time it is a go. Brandie is pregnant once again.

We have been overly cautious this time. We have cleared the time where things went wrong last time around and we are finally ready to share with you all who were so kind last time. I realize things can still go wrong, but we made a decision to tell family and you all have become a strange dysfunctional extended family.

So here is to one more round, and God help any kid that has me as a dad. I am sure it will be interesting.


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  • Sunshine

    Greg, I am so happy for you guys!! I will be praying for you both!!

  • http://damnyoulittlerock.wordpress.com/ damnyoulittlerock

    Congrats friend. Sorry to be so late to tell you that.

  • AshAhrens

    Wahooo! Congratulations! That’s fantastic. You’d better get busy coming up with the baby’s Twitter code name. You have many great examples to go by… Seriously, that’s awesome news.

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