Maybe it is just me, but I always thought a woman’s stomach was suppose to grow a lot a tiny little bit during pregnancy. I think this is  a great secret that only guys know. That is the only way I can explain my wife freaking out about every inch she gains to her belly.

The natural instincts some women have (some seem to care less) about tacking on a pound or two absolutely do not leave them when the baby starts growing.

There seem to be breakdown moments like the one we had this afternoon when I suggested she measure to update her baby book and her waist surpassed mine.

Note to guys though, regardless of our magical knowledge about a woman’s belly growing when they are pregnant, 12-14 (however far along she is) weeks is not the time to pass this along. While yes the maternity pants are a battle you want to fight, and the two should have some correlation, this is better left for another day. Back to the standard response of “honey, you don’t look any bigger, I honestly can’t tell a difference”

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