Banana and CheeseBefore I get started, I have a long over-due refresh to the blog. I started this a year ago and quickly threw up a blog to just get started. Then everything happened and I never changed it. I’ve been running around like crazy with grad school now that I am blogging again and just now have time to change it. I’ll try to tweak a few things here and there but overall I think it is a welcome change.

So speaking of new things… The other day Brandie and I were sitting on the couch probably watching something involving either dancing or singing (because that is all she watches anymore) and she decided she needed a snack. So she gets up and grabs a banana and cuts up a few pieces of cheese. Naturally I think she just wanted two different things. Then I started watching her eat…

She would take a bite of cheese, chew it up a bit and then take a bite of banana. She would then start mixing them around in her mouth. I guess the crazy cravings have started.

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  • Keith

    LOL, Thankfully ICEEs were the only craving my wife had. Glad the blog is back and the design looks great (except for the scary looking dude up top).

  • diane1230

    I laughed the other day in the hospital, and I again laugh now. Ha — too funny! :-)

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