The girl has always been a little on the small side. As a result she took a little less formula (yes she was a formula baby) than average, mostly because she didn’t have anywhere to put anymore. We began to switch her to regular milk after her first birthday. During the same time we started transitioning from bottle to cup which went surprisingly well except for the morning bottle which she still refuses from a cup.

Apparently too well

The other day I go to top off her milk cup after the mom went grocery shopping. I find 3 different gallon jugs of milk for the week. I never knew a little thing could drink so much. If it were bottles of burbon she would be passed out on a curb somewhere with a very full diaper and spit up all over her “dada loves me” onesie.

This is like 1.5x her body weight in her liquid of choice per week. At this rate when she reaches 5 we are better off converting the backyard into a small dairy farm.

The next time her cup ran out she just went straight for the jug trying to drink from it. I think my child has a drinking problem:


  • BarkingSpider

     I believe I my self am a Milkaholic , I don’t know if there is any data on this addiction, that is why I am searching and found your post.. I am 54 yrs old and that is all I can drink.. If I drink anything ells I get very nauseous… when I don’t have milk for a day I start to run a small temperature and start getting nauseated… Then when I have a drink, after feeling this way, I get a cooling feeling in my body that starts from my head.  I feel it going down through my body… Its a incredible feeling that feels so good. When I start to drink milk I can’t stop.

    People might find this funny and think it is not serious because its only Milk but it is very serious.  I hardly eat but 1 meal every day or two … but I drink between 1-2 gallons of milk a day… Because of this I have put on so much weight … I am over 550 lb now all because of the Milk and I cant stop drinking it without getting very sick to my stomach and running a temp. I have stopped for up to 10 days but I was still feeling so sick with a temp, I went back to drinking it. I cant seem to stop it, so I am trying to find out if any research has been done on this.

    My suggestion is to cut you daughter back to at least 2% milk and it sounds like she can have a addiction to it like me.. If this is the case you should try to get her off of it now before she turns out like me… If she continues she will start to put on weight and when she is older she wont be able to stop drinking it like me..

     I suggest you talk to her doctor about this and explain what I said it has done to me.
    I hope this helps.

    (the milkaholic)

    • Gege

      Its got to be the additives, hormones. I too have had a hrendous time getting over it. Had to cut back slowly over six months and then began swapping it for almond milk. I have been milk sober now for two weeks and finally starting to lose weight…and getting over the nausea. Good luck to you.

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