There is a little irony in the way things turn out. When the baby girl was still fresh from the baby factory every time we would take her clothes off (bath, diaper change, volcanic eruption) she would scream and cry as if she had been neglected in a dark cave after the apocalypse for a year and you just ate the last Twinkie in front of her. Baby momma and I would try anything possible to get out of taking her clothes off and ditching it on the other person.

Oh how times change.

It all starts with the con. She knows when she is due for a full clothes and diaper change. She acts calm and innocent. Sometimes she will even cuddle just a bit while you are taking her to the changing table. When you lay her down she will stay still. She easily lets you take her pants and shirt off. Sometimes even helping a bit. The first diaper tab comes off fine…

Then bam.

As soon as she hears that second tab undo she flips over like an acrobat and starts crawling all over the changing pad. She grabs everything she can. If you try to grab her she kicks and squirms and eventually gets out of your reach. As you try to put a diaper back on she rolls over and over on the pad trying to keep you from putting it on. She kicks her legs for the pants and does this crazy little Arabian belly dance trying to prevent her shirt from going on.

This is a child who wants to be naked and have fun doing it. Next thing she will be doing naked cross country skiing in our living room like @amybhole’s boys.

About half the time I take her out after this full service change she has an article of clothing on backwards. Yesterday I realized when I put her in her car seat for day care she had her entire outfit on backwards, and part of it was inside out. Kris Kross’ style may be staged for a comeback fyi.

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