The girl realizing there are all sorts of things to play with on the changing pad. Note the kicked off sock.

I remember a time when I woke up around 6:30(ish), casually took a shower, maybe made some good french press coffee, and then set back leisurely and read the news that came in over night. Sometime around 7:20 I would head out the door and make it to work around 7:30-35.

Nice, easy, peaceful.

Those three words do not describe my mornings now.

I am running close to late every single day. If any of you know me, you know that being late is quite possibly the most stressful thing for me. Because the mom goes to work early I get to get the girl up for daycare. There is this magical thing that happens, the earlier I wake her up, the later I leave. My target is always to leave at 7:15, never happens. Here are a few examples:

Late wake up
6:50 – Get bag ready, throw it in the car
7:00 – Wake up
7:05 – Change
7:15 – Feed
7:20 – Put her in the car/take care of dog
7:25 – Leave house

Early Wake up
6:40 – Wake her up
6:45 – Wake her up again after she falls back asleep while I get her outfit
6:50 – Put on outfit
6:55 – Put on pants again after she kicks them off while I am getting her bottle
7:00 – Start feeding
7:05 – She discovers her giraffe picture for the 100th time, and I have to convince her to eat again
7:15 – Change after she spits up
7:20 – Put her in the car
7:25 – Change Diaper since she waited until she was in the car to poop
7:30 – Take care of dog / Grab bag
7:35 – Leave

Then, you have this morning…

6:20 – She wakes up on her own
6:35 – Feed her, smooth so far
6:40 – I put her on the changing pad to change
6:45 – After putting on her shirt and one leg of her pants she discovers the baby powder and starts stretching around and reaching for it.
6:50 – She now realizes there is even more behind her, rolls over on her belly to inspect, kicks off socks. *See photo at the top of the post.
6:55 – Decides that since she is on her belly, why not take a nap.
7:10 – Wake her up again, try to put pants on
7:15 – The mom calls, wants a number from the kitchen. I return to find the Girl on her belly asleep again, with her socks kicked off
7:20 – Put her socks on while she is asleep on her belly (harder than it sounds)
7:25 – Wake her up, roll her over
7:30 – Go to grab hat because it is hat day and baby momma would kill me if I forgot it.
7:35 – Wake the Girl up again who decided to roll over and fall asleep while I was grabbing her hat
7:40 – Get her in the car
7:45 – Pull back in the drive way because I forgot her bag
7:50 – Leave, pray I can make it to work before my 8:30 meeting.

Please note that none of these scenarios involve my wonderful french pressed cup of coffee, reading the news, or waking up at 6:30(ish). Instead I now wake up at 5:45 so I can ensure I get a shower, learned that the hard way.

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