Somehow the runt has managed to keep a cold for almost 2 months now. Actually we think it may be multiple colds. After trying everything within our power to stop it we have finally just acknowledged the fact that the cold is here to stay.

As some of you may be aware, one of the byproducts of colds is snot. I am 100% sure over the course of the past two months I have sucked twice my child’s weight in snot out of her nose. Yes, that is gross.

One of the cool things that she has learned to do however is to blow snot bubbles. I am not just talking about a little pea sized bubble either. These things are at minimum three times the size of her nose.

To put that all of this another way let’s imagine Godzilla had the same cold and compare the scale to it.

  • Godzilla would be able to encompass a large SUV inside the same snot bubble (see example above)
  • Godzilla would be able to roughly fill the State Capitol to the top of the dome in snot
  • The weight of the snot would equal the amount of alcohol consumed by the entire Texas Rangers’ fan base last night to try to forget that they twice blew a 2 run lead.

On a more positive note. My daughter is now convinced that I am the boogie monster, and that said monster is not out to get her, but her boogies. She thinks it is fun for dad to beat up the boogies, so I got that going for me.

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