It was inevitable.

With all of the moving and bouncing around the girl does it was only a matter of time before she hit something. I was just desperately hoping it was not on my watch that she did it.

There have been a few times when she has fallen back too hard and bumped the back of her head or rolled off the side of something. Those mostly startle her more than anything. There was this one incident with her crawling off the edge of the bed while the Mom was suppose to be watching her, but I am not allowed to talk about that or I give up the rights to actually sleep in said bed.

This one hurt though, unlike the others. The girl and I were sitting in the chair after a bottle, she was sitting up on me watching TV. Out of no where she lunged forward and before I could react she smacked her face on the edge of the hard wood armrest of the chair. We spent the next 10 minutes looking at each other with tears streaming out of all four eyes. I felt terrible.

Somewhere in all of that I looked at Brandie and said “Punch me in the eye”. “Why in the world would I do that” she said. “So I can take her to day care tomorrow and it looks like you just beat both of us up. If not they are going to think I did it.”

Sometime before bed she got a knot to the side of her left eye, which was gone by morning, just a little puffy but no black eye. Which makes it a good thing that Brandie did not punch me in the eye because I would have looked a bit ridiculous flying solo with my black eye.

  • Trena501

    lol…it won’t be the last time.  You survived and so will she!

  • KatieMc

    She won’t remember it. With enough therapy, you won’t either.

  • Kelli Marks

    I hope she’s not like me. I am constantly hitting my head on things- even now. Yesterday I opened the refrigerator door into my face and bruised the outside of my eyebrow. It still hurts. 

  • Keith

    When Claire was just a couple of months old we were napping on the couch and she rolled off my stomach and hit the floor. It was the single most frightening and jarring event in my life. I spent an evening scared and praying I hadn’t done damage to my perfect little girl. I felt like the worst father in history. We took her to the Dr. the next day & he assured us she was fine and babies were tough. Just writing this comment gives me a sinking feeling. I thank God he was & is watching over her.

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