As many of you know I try to do a bit of photography. It is a hobby really, one of many that have magically disappeared with the baby. I still like taking photos though, so occasionally I’ll drag the kid out and throw her in front of a camera since I can’t take the camera out for any shots. Sometimes I am still able to produce an awesome shot like this that fuels my desire to keep taking photos

Here is the thing though. I like to take pictures of architecture and cities. When taking a picture of a building it is all about analyzing a shot in regards to lighting. You look for changes in time of day, cloud cover, weather and time of year. You scout a shot for days, months, and sometimes even over a year span. One of my favorite shots needed a cold night where it recently rained. It took me 2 months to get.

Babies however do not stay still. You do not wait for the environment around them to set up for the perfect shot. You just throw them in the grass and hope for the best. Their mood changes in the span of seconds. What gets a good smile one second causes them to cry for 5 minutes the next. As a result for every happy Halloween turtle in the grass picture I get 20 pissed off turtles that do not understand why their daddy threw them in the yard.


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