The girl’s first birthday is just a little more than 3 weeks away. In the middle of planning a party we have to find the perfect gift for our girl. This is one of the harder birthdays to buy for I hear because you are torn between something practical and something she may or may not consider fun. In trying to balance these two options I have decided on the perfect present. I am going to get my daughter false teeth.

A week or so ago I was talking with a fellow dad friend about the runt not having any teeth. In an attempt to ease my fears he said “Don’t worry, our child was almost a year before hers came in all the way. In fact I think I don’t think it is a big deal for them to come in at 10 or 11 months.”

That was not helpful so I turn to a few friends from the other gender with kids. A few shared stories of being 9 or 10 months. Several said not to worry, they are sure she would get them before she turned a year old.

Given that the girl is practically stumbling distance from her first trip around the sun I’ve consented to the fact that my girl will be gumming her food in the college cafeteria at this rate. It is time for an intervention, because dang it my girl wants some cheerios.

So in a few weeks when you see her chomping down on her birthday cake with a set of shiny white incisors with a smile you can know in the back of your mind that I am the most awesome dad ever.

  • Trena501

    It’s in her genes.  You were very slow to get your first tooth, also.  Perfection takes time!

  • Sandy72023

    I’ve always heard that the later they get the teeth, the healthier the teeth generally are.  She’ll probably lose her baby teeth a little late too.

  • Christy W.

    I didn’t get any teeth until I was 14 months old. Guess what? I’m 29 with only one cavity, and I still have a baby tooth (no adult tooth beneath it) firmly planted in my gums. I think your little girl will be okay :)

  • Christy Daniels

    Grandma McCabe is the best at gumming her food. She can eat apples, steak, etc. A lack of teeth has never been an issue for her! I’m sure Ava will learn to compensate until those beautiful pearly whites come in. :)

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