Growing up there were several mobile homes near our house. As any of you growing up in the south knows, tornadoes go out of their way to take out a trailer. As a result I saw my fair share of violent thunderstorms growing up. My wife, being from south Arkansas where rain refuses to even visit, rarely experienced these type of storms growing up. Once she moved to central Arkansas she immediately began to freak out over the consistency of storms in the spring and fall. This occurs as a result of a concentration of rednecks and tv cameras. Absolutely facinating phenomena.

After sitting through hundreds of storms growing up, you begin to learn which ones are going to be bad and which are just a lot of noise. Before a bad one everything becomes very calm, almost eerily calm compared to what you expect the weather to be. Little to no breeze, a light rain, and maybe a thunder or two. With Brandie I always try to point this out so she has a better understanding of which storms are going to be bad and which ones you can lower your guard just a bit.

This calming before the storm is where we seem to be right now. Today we went into the doctor, everything went fine. We went ahead and scheduled induced labor so that she could deliver when we wanted it to happen. So as long as things go according to plan Ava will be born on May 19th, exactly 10 days before my birthday, which happens to be 10 days before Brandie’s. Something I can remember. It worked out perfectly with my work schedule to maximize time off. Plus we are delivering at UAMS (where Brandie works) and it happens to fall on her team’s shift, so we know that we will get the best possible care.

At lunch after the appointment I got an email saying that the day care we wanted to attend had an opening for us if we were still interested. At this point I was afraid we were not going to find a day care in time for Brandie to go back to work. This ended up being perfect timing. On top of that I found a couple of hours today to squeeze in watching Back to the Future 2. The day was basically perfect.

Almost too perfect, too calm. I am just going to get in my hidey-hole now.

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  • Kelli Marks

     “Fascinating phenomenon.” Heh. Terribly true. Good luck to you guys. Hopefully it will be smooth from here out, but if you’re anything like me, it wont. (Says the lady who once had to plant an entire yard worth of plants in the pouring rain to obtain the occupancy to her house.)

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