See, even the band Angels and Airwaves uses my daughter's name in their logo. I should charge a license fee.

Today on my new favorite blog Kelli decided to hate on crazy names. I love this post for many reasons, most of which that it is a favorite past-time around our house. Brandie works in the Neonatal ICU, so she gets to see all sorts of baby names. Usually around the dinner table we tell each other about our days. Mine usually begins and ends with a few expletives. Hers is a little more tame, and if she has a baby with a crazy name she shares it.

We have had Jell-O babies: Orangejello (pronounced Oranhello), Lemonjello (Lemanhello). The doomed children: Shithead (pronounced Shatheed). And the crazy ones that looked like they just banged their head on a keyboard a few times: asdlflxcgvujoi (not a real case, just a dramatization).

With me being in marketing however, we gave considerable thought to the name. There must be balance to all things in this world. My last name is rather long at 9 letters, so the first name has to be short. My last name also starts with a soft consonant, so to give balance we decided to go with a hard vowel.

Finally the name has to be easy to spell. I want my child to be the one in preschool to go “I can already spell my name, losers”. So we decided to use repetitive letter shapes, at least with the capitalized letters, which is fine.

So we came up with Ava.

Short, balanced and easy to spell. It really only has 2 unique letters.

My kid is going to be awesome

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  • Kelli Marks

    Thank you, thank you. Your daughter will thank you. I don’t think parents understand how much of a disservice they are doing their children by giving them crazy names. It might be funny or cute when they’re 2, but imagine trying to get a job with one of those keyboard banging names?

  • Kat

    Yea she is. Love this post.

  • Audreya

    Ava will appreciate this more than you know. Trust me, my name might be Audreya, but my initials may as well be WTF. Of course, even a bizzare “Scrabble” name like Audreya is better than my dad’s orginal choice: Petunia.

  • Diane1230

    I concur. Some of the same reasons we gave Dillon and Michael their names – good family names that weren’t crazy…

    I do have to say God made me a girl for a reason. Had I been a boy, it’s easy to think my name could have been Michael (after my dad) Jackson (after my grandpa). Oh, lord, help us all.

  • Keith

    Imagine the same conversations with a wife named Sunshine. We completely concur.

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