I purposely do not post a lot of baby specific things on here. The intent is for it to be more about my journey. I suppose I could be one of those “oh, look how cute my kid is, she is taking a poop” type of blogs, but you would hate me for it. I promise.

That being said, a lot of you have been asking how things are going. It is a very natural question to ask at this time. I am not sure if you are trying to gauge my sanity level, the progress of the great push, or just trying to scratch for general updates and information. I’ll try to cover all 3.

Sanity Level

For starters you should have been questioning my sanity way before I gave my wife a bump to remember. But I am doing alright. As a person who stresses a little when not in control, I would be lying if I said it didn’t put me a little on edge. I can’t feel what she is feeling. So sometimes I see her groan or grab her stomach with a look of pain. I realize it could be labor pains, Ava just moving funny, or gas. She keeps blaming the gas on the dog, and Ava does move a lot. For some reason I always jump to labor pains though, which annoys her.

The Great Push

We are doing weekly Dr’s visits now. She is 38 weeks, so it could be at any time. After today’s visit she is still 1 cm dilated. I looked up how to check dilation on Wikipedia but so far I can’t convince Brandie to let me handle the daily checks. If I can get her to agree I might create a threat level for the blog like the old homeland security one. Today is a Yellow day!

As far as Brandie, she is doing well. She will stop work next week. Feet are getting swollen and she does this great duck impression when she walks. I am thinking about taking her over to the Peabody. Mostly she is just happy, even if she does have to deal with a stupid husband who teases her from time to time. It has been a great experience and we are enjoying it.

General updates

The due date is May 20 officially. Ava should be around 6 ½ lbs at this point (don’t quote me).

We are having the baby at UAMS. It has been a great experience dealing with their staff who Brandie frequently works closely with. I can’t explain the good feeling knowing that to some extent we have been able to pick and choose the best from there to be part of the delivery.

Friends are welcome to stop by once Ava is born. Get in touch with me between now and then if you don’t have my cell. Or just give us a small heads up before dropping in.


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