I consider myself a lucky dad. For the past 4 months Ava has been completely engrossed in one thing only on our Saturdays together. Football. This is a dad’s dream. While all the other dads are getting up to watch Dora or some other sub par programming, we are watching college game day. Not because it is what I force on her, but because she really loves it.

There is one tiny problem. This is the little one’s first official trip around the sun and she doesn’t realize that college football ends really soon. So I’ve began planning ahead to ensure that she does not slip out of her fascination with our Saturday tradition.

  1. Record: This is the most obvious solution to our football situation. Set the DVR to record a couple of select games then re-watch them on Saturdays. She is not old enough to realize that it is the same game over and over.
  2. Stream: While the girl will not realize it is the same game over and over it does get a little old for the dad. Thankfully ESPN3 streams old football games from the previous season.
  3. Play: My wife walked in the other day and I was playing NCAA 12, she asked me what game was on. If the wife cannot immediately tell the difference between a game and tv coverage the girl stands no chance.
  4. Find a new sport: We began introducing the girl to basketball a few months ago. Slowly of course, we don’t want her to confuse her sports naturally. It may be time to make the big shift. The problem with this strategy of course is mid summer. Baseball has no chance of keeping her attention. However this is a summer olympic year, so I will just postpone this problem until next year, I am good.

With any luck by the time Ava enters Kindergarten and all the kids are talking about watching Dora on Saturday mornings she is going to ask what team he plays for. I raise my children right.

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