So I have debated back and forth on writing this blog post or not. The goal of this blog was to be a little funny and share a story. So here is a story…

A couple of years ago I started my current job and there was this funny little guy (@alextcone) about my age that liked to wear skinny pants and Toms every day to work. While his Tom shoe wearing wore off on me a bit, the skinny pants never did. However there was one other passion that he had which has interested me: There is a major water crisis in the world. This skinny pant wearing guy would later become a friend and he would share off and on over lunches or drinks that I talked him into going to about this.

In the mean time I reconnected with a handful of friends from some of the countries that have this water crisis. The common response was “You don’t know how lucky you are”. The ability to walk up to a tap and get water is amazing.

Our paths have split since then, I try to keep in touch when I can, but I’ve tried to keep up with some of the water problems going on around the world. Perhaps becoming a dad-to-be has made me a little more sympathetic to other issues, maybe it is just getting old and soft. Whatever the case, the other day I heard about a one day movement (today) asking bloggers to write about the crisis and try to raise money.

Naturally none of this blog post is scripted, you can view the scripted parts on their website if you so choose. This is from me, from the heart. I don’t care if you donate a dime honestly, by all means do so if you feel moved. But take 5 minutes and just look at what they have to say. It is important. I promise. You don’t know how lucky you are.

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