I remember a twitter post not too long ago from a friend that said “If I ever write about a poopoo or peepee diaper please shoot me”. This was shortly before Ava came into this world and I remember thinking along the same lines. Feel free to flog me for this post.

Shortly before the arrival of a baby there seems to be a rapid amount of advice and information coming from everyone. Sometimes you are stupid enough to ask for advice, or make a comment that leads someone to think you are asking.

I made a series of these mistakes, one in particular was wondering how you get use to cleaning up poop. Several of you made comments along the lines of “It does not stink if it is your own baby”. For the record, you all are liars. Each and every one of you. It stinks.

Along those same lines I’ve noticed a rapid increase in the fly population around our outside trashcan since Ava was born.


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