the cupcakes I was almost killed over

Stop me if you have heard this story before. ” A guy walks into a bakery special opening…”

Of course you have never heard that story before. I am convinced it was a story never told before last night. Before the story, first a little background.

About 10 months ago a good friend of mine @kellimarks was on her last straw with her honestly crappy job. Typically my advice to anyone (including myself at times) in that situation is to start connecting with anyone and everyone you can and make sure they know what you are best at. That way when the time comes to make the move it is easier. The problem I saw with Kelli however is that what she was best at was not a job.

Kelli for the previous few months before that had been making awesome sweets for just about anything she could. She was not looking for a job in that area, she was just doing it because she wanted to. As good as Kelli is at baking though she had an even higher calling, she understood how to make people like something. Might be a natural gift, might be several years in advertising and a few more in retail. Who knows.

The point is that yes, she could be a baker with her cooking talent, but the real talent was not being a baker but making people like whatever it was she put in front of them. Which is why my advice was to quit her job and start a bakery. I am sure I was not the only person to suggest it, but I might be the only person who didn’t suggest it for her cooking talents.

So fast forward a bit from there. In the between time I tried to give Kelli any support I could think of as well as use her for one awesome anniversary surprise. Last night after months of setbacks Kelli finally opened the bakery to a select few of us. I got the invitation and decided to go. Mostly to support Kelli, but somewhat because I was curious to see if she nailed it like I expected. She did for the record.

note the toothpicks, can be used as a weapon in special situations

Nowhere in preparing to go to the opening though did I have the thought “what sort of people go to a bakery opening?”.  Instead I grabbed the girl and went.

Thankfully Kelli had hired a guy to assist her, because without him I would have been the only guy. I honestly should have expected it, the entire place is painted pink after all. Being the only guy is not always a bad thing for the record. Being the only guy between a bunch of women and free cupcakes however is. As I stood trying to get a few decent shots of the food the women stood behind me waiting to pounce like a starved caged lion on a rare steak.

The girl and I somehow made it out alive, although I did have to rescue her from @katiemcmanners who along with a crowd of other women were trying to add top her with pink frosting and bake her in the back.

Kelli’s bakery, Sweet Love Bakes opens Friday and is located at 8210 Cantrell Road, by Taziki’s. Stop by and grab some sweets, I promise you will love it. If you are a guy, you might want to stand at a safe distance from the cupcakes on the counter however.





  • KatieMc

    You were right to keep an eye on Ava. I almost nibbled on her. 

  • Melissa Sawyer

    Hey your daughter wanted to go home with me! not the other way around. 😉

  • Kelli Marks

    Thanks for representing the Y chromosome at the launch. And for bringing Ava. Seriously, she’s one of a few kids I can tolerate that I’m not related to. :)

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