Growing up I never felt that I was one of those kids who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Grant it most of them got it wrong, but at least they had direction. All I knew was that I really enjoyed learning.

I entered college focusing on biblical studies, not because I wanted to become a preacher, but that Middle Eastern history completely fascinated me. I quickly realized that I could not make much of a career out of being a historian, especially in a region that requires a bullet proof vest. I switched during the last half of my sophomore year to Political Science. It also fascinated me, and naturally I had no plans what to do with it.

Heading into my Jr year of college I realized that I probably need to figure out something to do with this degree which really accomplished nothing by itself. I didn’t really like traditional law and wasn’t up for knocking on doors and placing campaign signs every other year for the rest of my life.

My Middle Eastern history fascination had morphed into international relations. I found a degree in international law at George Washington U that seemed to fit me very well. I got a chance to visit Washington DC for a couple of weeks over the winter of my jr year, loved the city and the GWU campus. I was set, I figured out what I would do with my life.

The end.

Then along came my summer job. We all know what happen there. Baby momma said I love you but I am not leaving the state.


Life took a series of changes. I found the world drag me into marketing, despite my objections. I found that I had a reasonable amount of talent in the field, and managed to be in a few right places at the right times. I am on my last leg of that graduate degree I wanted, though not in international law (another blog post on this soon). Much like the political science degree it has me wondering what I want to be when I grow up.

Sometimes I wonder if I will spend my whole life pondering this question. Maybe life is more about the journey to figure this out than the actual destination itself. One day maybe we wake up to realize that we are grown up. That what want to be is who we are and that has to be good enough. I think I am beginning to be ok with that answer.

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  • Diane1230

    Maybe life is more about the journey to figure this out than the actual destination itself.

    Amen, brother. :-)

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