Let me start this post off by affirming that despite the title of this post, I absolutely despise country music. It is one of the worst types of music, falling just behind Nickelback and Kid Rock, which honestly should be thrown under the country genre (and then thrown in the trash).

Despite my hatred of all things Country music, it is impossible to avoid it completely in Arkansas. There was a song once called “Unanswered Prayers”. I have no clue who sang it, but it is most certainly not the person who wrote it. The person who wrote it must have been a bit of a philosopher, and a very smart man/woman. They wrote (which was later butchered by a country singer) “One of God’s greatest gifts is unanswered prayers.”

Now I will not turn this into a religious post, but there is a good bit of wisdom in this. I have been dealing with that a lot lately. I’ve seen the outcome of jobs that I wanted but didn’t get, and I am better off. I’ve dealt with my wife losing a pregnancy only to realize now is a much better time. I’ve had friends I thought I wanted only to realize I am much more blessed with the ones I have.

My life is by no means perfect. I struggle every day with something. Sometimes you get glimpses into the road not taken and you realize that your own path has made all the difference.


After posting my wife text me and said that it was sang by Garth Brooks (confirmed by @angelmg), it was her favorite song, and he was a co writer for the song.

Garth said about writing the song:

According to Brooks, the song is based on a true story: “Man, “Unanswered Prayers” was a big part of my heart that went out on that record. A true life thing that happened to Sandy and myself. In October of ’89, I saw my old high school flame. And I can say this now at the time I couldn’t. For the first two years of my married life, I really thought the girl that was for me was still that girl that was in high school. And now man just the realization that what you have is the best for you, and the best you could ever do in your lifetime. It sure makes you sleep well at night.” – Wikipedia

10 years later he divorced that wife, so apparently the song had a profound impact on him(sarcasm). He likely added a handful of conjunctions and a sprinkle of twang in order to be listed as a co-writer. But the message is still a good message despite his shortcomings.

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  • Angel Galloway

    What do you have against Garth Brooks? I loved that song, mostly for the reasons you just described. Hey, we were all young once. :)

  • http://twitter.com/kellimarks Kelli Marks

    I think seeing these ‘unanswered prayers’ and simply recognizing them as such is a big step. Taking it further and realizing that the time wasn’t right is huge. Often people in your place are [for lack of a better word] stubborn about it. Two weeks ago there was a secret on Postsecret saying “To everyone who said ‘things happen for a reason’ when I had a miscarriage, F- you.” It caused a stirring debate in the comments.
    There’s a whole other debate about internal and external locus of control that I won’t even approach. But, for whatever reason, then wasn’t right then and now it is. I’m so happy for you guys that the ‘now’ is, well, now.
    I’ve gone through similar with jobs and such and at the time, it’s so very difficult, but you know about hindsight and all.

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