It is always odd having a date on a major life event. I think I have expressed my love of Timehop before, it shows what you did this day one year ago through social networks. As a highly socially connected person it is a fun thing. Yesterday I was starring down another major life event with a date when I came across this post from last year about scheduling Ava’s induction. I knew that in less than a week I would be a father, it was almost a certain thing.

Suddenly everything became the last. Our last night out, our last full night sleep for a while, our last night as a family of 2… It was an odd feeling watch days turn into hours, then minutes, and then seconds waiting for that first cry. Time was a magical thing, the more you tried to slow it down the faster it came when you had an absolute date.

Today I announced to my current work that I was leaving to take another job. Like the baby, I knew it was coming for a while. It was just a matter of when. Now it is official, I have a date, and it is just a matter of the time between this second and the moment I walk out of the door for the last time.

I’ve been at this job for the longest of my career. It has had some hard parts like trying to work through bureaucratic that comes with being state and federally funded. Working with local manufacturers though has always made the job fun. There are great people doing and making great things across the state and I’ve enjoyed telling their story and helping them promote their products and company.

Now instead of helping everyone I am just going to help one. The new gig will be at Power Technology which creates lasers. The company is great, I’ve had some interaction with them over the last few years as a client. It moves me into the high tech area which is something I’ve always enjoyed. Plus what could be cooler than working with laser beams? Maybe I can finally work on those sharks…

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  • KeAnne

    Congrats again!  The new job sounds fun and look forward to hearing all about it.

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