For the majority of my life I grew up Southern Baptist. I went to youth camps, sung in the choir, and even when the choice was to be made I went to college all around Southern Baptist. Needless to say I was a bit indoctrinated.

Now that is not to say that I didn’t have any interaction with the heathens other denominations. My mother worked at a Methodist church and I stayed well rounded by allowing a Catholic, a Presbyterian, a Church of God person, and even a Jehovah Witness to bask in the presence of a properly born again boy.

My junior year of college I decided to work at a Methodist youth camp, which lead to a very interesting sequence of events. However even with that I somehow was not prepared for the culture shock that would happen once I married and eventually slummed it in a Methodist church on a semi-regular basis.

They had their own freakin holidays! (linked for other Baptist who don’t believe me)

In the Baptist church we have two: Christmas and Easter. That was all I ever knew. Imagine my shock the first time around that they start talking about Lent (which I clean out once a week from the dryer, not that special), fat Tuesday (I am fat every day), Maunday Thursday(which shouldn’t that be on Monday?) and a few other that I still have yet to learn. Keep in mind I actually went to a Baptist College and studied biblical studies and I never was once exposed to these. They simply do not exist in our world.

Now I have heard of Fat Tuesday before, but that involves going to New Orleans and throwing beads I believe. As Baptist we had to take turns doing those devil activities because we were not allowed to see each other doing it. Who knew it was actually a church holiday, I really hope they don’t throw beads though, I always skip that one because there are several members I don’t want to experience that with.

It seems every year I find some new random church holiday. So if you see me at any point in this time period giving you presents or colored eggs just assume I found a new holiday and have no clue what to do with it.

  • Diane

    Oh, Greg… you and Chris really need to talk about the first few years of our marriage and me trying to teach him the “new” holidays. Quite entertaining. Haha.

  • Ashli Ahrens

    The very same thing has happened to me! I grew up Southern Baptist, went to the same Southern Baptist college you did, and in my adult life have chosen the Methodists as my people. It’s a whole new world! Not only is there the Lenten season – which begins on a Wednesday named after me (wait for it…) – but also the Advent calendar,  and now the Christmas sermons continue AFTER Christmas.

    I still don’t understand them all but I like the structure and focus these “new” holidays provide as we journey through the Christian calendar each year.

  • Trena501

    Don’t cha just love it!  You have “Fat Tuesday”, where you eat any and everything your heart desires,  followed by “Ash Wednesday”, where you have to give up your favorite food for 40 days.  

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