I’ve always wondered what it would be like to time travel. It has been a huge fascination of mine my entire life. Not only does the childish part of going in the future and seeing myself or going in the past and eating fish with Jesus fascinate me, it is the geeky parts too. I’ve oddly enough spent time looking into things like Einstein’s General Relativity; I’ve even done some of MIT’s online coursework on quantum physics and super string theory. How is that for your average small market marketing and communications person?

None of this however prepared me for actual time travel. In 3 ½ weeks of being a dad I’ve speed up time, slowed down time, gone back in time, and gone forward. There have been moments where I would swear time was running at half speed, mostly when Ava is crying. Then other times it was like watching a movie in fast forward.

When Brandie got Bell’s Palsy I ordered her a sleep mask because her eye would not shut completely. I’ve been using it when I grab a nap during the day time. When I wake up I could swear it must be night only to pull off the mask and realize it is still day and I am pretty sure it is earlier than it was when I fell asleep originally. Then I will feed Ava, try to burp her and all of a sudden jump 3 hours later with her wanting another bottle. Grant it I might have fallen asleep with her.

Then there is just keeping track of what day it is. When you are in a state of some sort of awake 20 hours a day everything runs together. Saturdays become Wednesdays. Fridays become Mondays (the one I hate the most).

I apologize to anyone I may have made plans with. There is a good chance if I was suppose to meet you for lunch tomorrow I will be standing outside the restaurant around midnight tonight cursing you for not showing up. Jerk.


  • http://kelli-marksthespot.blogspot.com/ Kelli Marks

    When I was younger, I would sit in a desk chair and spin. I would close my eyes and try to visualize what was passing me. There’s the door, the window, the desk, things like that, then I would open my eyes and realize that I was actually facing a different direction than I thought. It was disorienting to say the least. I can only imagine it feels something like that. Of course, right now I have no reason to know what day it is, so I’m right there with you on that part. Good luck with it all. I understand that you get to sleep again in like eighteen years or something.

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