I do very little shopping. It is not because I can’t, or I don’t feel it is my place. Brandie’s work schedule allows her a lot of time during the week to do these things. I shopped for myself for 4 years in college, and then split the duties for the 2 years Brandie went to school at UAMS. So for going on 4 years now she has handled the shopping, and I enjoy it. With one noticeable exception, I like to go buy my own body wash, shampoo and other personal hygiene products.

I don’t like crowds when shopping. I like to get in and out. I was one of those while in college that would go to Walmart at 1-2 in the morning. There were no crowds and that is usually when the crazies come out, and everyone needs to see that at least once in their life (you could always go to peopleofwalmart.com). So I typically shop at Target. Few lines, wide variety of items and now there is one less than a mile from my house.

So back to personal hygiene products. I am a big fan of the new guy specific products. I love for my wife to smell like a rose or a pineapple or whatever. But I don’t personally want to smell like that. I sort of secretly want to be the Old Spice Guy. The Park Place Target has an entire aisle devoted to guy products. There are eye creams for guys who don’t sleep enough, wrinkle creams for the old ones, shaving cream for every type of guy, enough types of Axe to supply the junior high male population of the city, and lots of different body wash. Seriously, look at the picture, which is just body wash. They have everything a guy could need, except one thing…

They have no freakin guy shampoo!

It irritates me, an entire aisle of guy stuff, no shampoo. To make matters worse in the women’s shampoo section they go to the extreme. There are no neutral gender shampoos. You have an option of smelling like a bouquet of flowers and having bees chase you down to pollinate or like a fruit basket and having small animals trying to eat your head. Nothing in between.

Because of my hatred of all things grocery store and Walmart, and my need to pick out my own mantastic shampoo, I have had to resort to ordering from Amazon and hoping that it smells a little better than motor oil (beer shampoo might work). Please Target, help a guy out. I am about to be outnumbered in this house and my man scent is all I have left.

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  • Erin Hackett

    Don’t know if they have it at Target…but they did actually used to have a suave for men that Josh used to use – and it smells really good.

  • Zac Cosner

    As Erin says I’ve been using the Suave for Men line for a couple of years now. I’ve seen it at Target before. My wife loves it.

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