The other night some of us from my grad class got together to work on a project. A friend from class said “Hey there is this video I want to show you.” Here is the video he played for me:

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Initially the video is funny, you have all these middle class suburbia guys rapping about their dad lifestyle.

But then it really hit me, this is going to be me. It sort of scared me a bit. This little thing growing seems like fun on the outside looking in. But that means a lot of changes to my life.

  1. I can’t stand the smell of dirty diapers, that will be my life for a year or two
  2. Because of Brandie’s work schedule that means things like LRtweetups and politics on the porch will be missed occasionally
  3. Toys all over the place
  4. No more zombie movies unless I want to stay up late to watch them
  5. Watching College Game Day on Saturday mornings will quickly turn into cartoons

This dad thing may be more than I bargained for.

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  • Kelli

    Exactly! That’s why I don’t want kids. I like my life the way it is. Kudos to those who are willing to sacrifice their freedom. I hope they raise beautiful, well adjusted children.
    I’ll be over here with my dogs.

  • Pat

    You may think that right now but wait until your kid gives you that first smile or calls you “Daddy”. Those items you mentioned will mean nothing. And, once they are gone, you will miss those things. Trust me on that.

  • mrjawright

    1)years ago, there were some tests done that show, for some reason, parents don’t mind the smell of their own kids’ diapers as much as those of someone else’s kid.
    Or, in short, you get used to it. For the first few weeks, since you’re supposed to track _everything_ you’re too focused/sleep deprived to really notice.

    2)at first, you might not notice too much. _And_ you have a great excuse to avoid the ‘social niceties’ you always wanted to avoid in the first place.

    3)They can pretty contained, at first, between playpens, et al. Not too hard to keep a handle on.

    4)You need an excuse to stay up late & watch Zombie movies?!

    5)Maybe not, but either way you’ll find the worst day watching cartoons with your kid is better than the best day of watching anything else w/o them.


  • kat

    Holy SHIT. That video is amazing. I agree with the above – diapers are the nast but you do get used to them (well to your own childs anyway)! I don’t think Karl had ever changed a diaper or held a newborn in his life prior to Nate and now he is A Professional! It is hard for us not to go out as much and not be as social as we used to be… we’ve had to make some choices. But I will say that it seems to be getting easier as he gets a little older.

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