It has been nearly a year now since I began writing this blog. Over the past year it has been difficult at times. Sharing emotion is a hard thing to do, especially when it hurts. Through that all my friends, family and a few total strangers who read the blog lifted us up and encouraged us to go on. You all have amazed me about your ability to rise to the occasion when someone needs help.

The real shock however is what is happening now. I was afraid that people reading this blog would drop off. I was afraid that people read over sympathy, which was never the intent. I tried writing again and something unexpected happened. You all still cared.

Over the past month I’ve had an overwhelming number of people reach out and say how much they enjoy reading. The hardest thing about writing is the feeling that nobody is listening. You all have encouraged me and motivated me to keep sharing. I try to keep it entertaining; I certainly have little advice to give. The truth is though that I am only able to write because of you.

I’ve enjoyed this little blog project a lot more than I probably should. You have given me than I can ever give you back in words. My hope is that I can give a little back to you all in entertainment or whatever the future holds.



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