I’ll admit it. I hate the heat. In fact I can’t think of anything I hate more. If Kelli Marks still had her Kelli hates blog I’d be begging her to let me write about how much I hate the heat.

About a month ago it was also 100°, which was earlier than normal heat even for Arkansas, I was offered a chance to do a professional development trip. I found a good program on leadership development. Then I started researching locations and dates. I had to choose between North Carolina, Colorado, or San Diego. I started thinking about how hot it was already, and the fact that they did have a date in August that I could attend. I quickly chose San Diego.

I took the easy way out. The high today is 110° in Little Rock. Every day next week in San Diego is less than 73° for a high. I am going to San Diego, abandoning my wife and child to escaping the heat for a week. You will thank me in the end. It was that or opening up the fire hydrants on Capitol Ave and streaking down it.

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