I sort of suck at New Year’s resolutions, I’ve only attempted a couple of times and usually strike out by February. With the baby on the way I figure that I need to get it together soon, and what better place to start than at the New Year.

Acknowledging that I am absolutely horrid at these things, which for the record so is 95% of other Americans, I decided to try to lower the bar just a little bit. If I miss these I did really badly.

Do not get (too much) fatter – The biggest cliché resolution is to lose weight. It is also the most broken. This year my goal is to try not to gain any, and if I do keep it within reason. Ava does not need a polar bear for a dad after all.

Don’t Die – Lots of people try to make various resolutions in terms of getting healthier. My goal is to stay healthy enough not to die.

Don’t spend all of my money – Most people need more money, I am no exception. Some people put down here to get a new job or start saving better. I’d take either of those options, but mostly I am going to shoot for just not spending all of whatever I do have. Even holding on to a penny here works for the record.

Visit Friends – I love my friends, really I do. With a new baby on the way I can’t possibly promise to spend more time with you though. My only goal is to visit you at least once sometime between now and this time next year.

Finish school – I’ve got one semester left and need a weekend course sometime. Heck, I’ve already paid for it, all I have to do is basically show up a reasonable number of times. I am not even promising to finish my degree, which requires me to complete my master’s paper.

Love Ava – The easiest of all. I plan on mastering this resolution.

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  • diane1230

    I like those. Besides the obvious, I think my favorite one is don’t die. That’d make me sad, after all… you wouldn’t be around to talk football with! 😉

    Speaking of football, I’ll text/twitter/something you about the Sugar Bowl… Whoo Pig!

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