It is hard to believe that I have been doing this little blog for almost 2 years now. In that time I’ve seen ups, downs, and about everything in between. One thing that has consistently surprised me is that people actually listen to what I have to say.

Really, what is wrong with you people? It is complete and utter nonsense most of the time. Yet without fail every time I post something and my wife allows me to go out in public someone will walk up to me and comment. It is this awareness that people are not just clicking on links but that you guys actually read what I write that surprises me the most.

One thing that I’ve heard from multiple people is that they sometimes miss a post. I have traditionally used social media as a way to update everyone. The fact is that it is simply unreliable. Twitter updates are easy to miss, facebook has an arbitrary method for determining which updates to show, and RSS feeds can get overwhelming. In addition to that there are things from time to time that hit twitter/facebook/instagram that I don’t put on the blog for whatever reason. This adds to the problem of missing a cute bath tub picture or knowing that my daughter vomited all over my fresh-from-the-cleaners work pants. Who would want to miss those type of updates?

Because of that I am playing with an idea, it is this magical thing called email. You may remember it from the 90’s along with hammer pants. I am working on bringing back the hammer pants, but for now I am focusing on email. What I am trying to do is develop an occasional email snapshot of everything that is going on, some original email only content, and possibly a contest or two down the road. That way you get all the content, you don’ t miss a single post, and you gain some other things along the way. Sound amazing? Of course it does, I did do this for a living at one point after all.

So, sign up below. Feel free to include your credit card information in case I run out of money in Vegas again. I make no promises with the emails, only that I will make every attempt to do them with a reasonable frequency and I will not send too many.

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