A few weeks ago I went to SXSW as many of you know. Now I have never been particularly good at bringing back gifts when I go on a trip. I decided however with a baby on the way I need to start getting a little better at it. Of course not being very good at this whole thing the only gift I could think of was a t-shirt.

I faced a real dilemma however, I could either get Brandie a shirt that fits now, but will be too big in a couple of months, or get one that is too small now but will fit in a couple of months. Either way I was doomed for failure on the gift purchase. So I took the only logical way out, I bought her a t-shirt for Ava. For the record I did pick Brandie up a @Gowalla shirt that she absolutely loves and wears all the time.

So she came and picked me up from the airport, I told her I had a surprise for her and gave her Ava’s first SXSW shirt. She was more excited than I ever imagined. Then she started telling me about how bad she felt and how she had a cold the whole time I was gone.

It turns out Brandie had a little present for me too. Her cold. But this was not just any cold, this is like the Titanic of colds, and I have hit an iceberg with it and am now sinking into the ocean. The following week I started feeling a little rough toward the end of the week. By the next week I was feeling quite bad. I was busy though, had school and several timely things to get done. Like the idiot dad-to-be that I am I put work and school in front of my own health and kept pushing back a doctor visit.

This Tuesday I finally got around to seeing the doctor. By this point I was contemplating just having him put me down. After less than 5 minutes the doctor looks at me and says, “I think you have pneumonia”. Really? Pneumonia freakin’ kills people. I can’t afford to die right now; I’ve got 3 papers due and a couple of events to put together before I take a bit of time off for Ava being born.

So here I am, stuck at home with pneumonia. I brought baby momma home a thoughtful gift and all I got was this stupid pneumonia. I think I got screwed on this deal.

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