Many lifetimes ago before I met my baby momma or daughter I was just another broke college student trying to find out what I wanted to become (as opposed to now where I am a broke dad trying to find out what I want to become). For no real reason other than the subjects fascinated me I chose Political Science as a major. When all my other slightly older Poli Sci friends were trying to decide what to do and looking at law school I thought that sounded like a great idea.

I was completely enthralled with international relations at the time, so logically when planning my post-grad life I looked into international law. So I studied up on the LSAT, took electives that helped the cause, and even started the application process. As the story goes that has been told here before, I met a girl that didn’t want to move. Which was a problem since all the good international law programs were in DC.

A few years later when it came my turn for grad school I explored again going legal. This time staying local and going to UALR’s Bowen law school.  Ultimately I decided to go with a MA in communications leaving any legal ambitions behind. Or so I thought

Last week after unexpected twitter request I found myself with a photo shoot out at the law school. I think more than anything I was excited about being able to hang out at the law school for the day, with permission to bust in on a few classes and full access to the building. For one day I got to relive what could have been, at least behind a camera lens.

The photo shoot went great by the way. Here are some of my personal favorite photos.

  • Jamie Walden

    Nice shots.

    • admin

      Thanks Jamie. Wish you would have stuck around at Laman long enough for us to do interior shots there as well.

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