Here is a confession.

I Love Carbs

Seriously love them. I have always laughed a bit about people going on a low carb diet, mostly because I think it doesn’t work. So a few months ago I decided to move forward with some financial planning that I have been looking into for a while. A large part of this was multiple types of life insurance coverage. By the way, if I disappear my wife has decided the $1 million policy is a better option.

Part of this required blood to be drawn. I really like my blood for the record, and I am 100% against vampires, doctors or anything else that tries to take it from me. Basically I acted like a little girl when they tried to draw my blood.

The results came in yesterday and it said my triglycerides were high. So immediately I got excited right? I have no clue what triglycerides are, but I am a rock star with them. I called the baby momma to tell her the exciting news. She happened to be near a lab tech at the hospital and asked real quick about triglycerides. Long story short, high is not all that good. They can cause death, heart attacks, and strokes.

Naturally I did what any 21st century male would do when faced with a life or death decision. I Googled it. Turns out that the cause is carbs.

So here is my dilemma, I love carbs so much that I am not sure I can live without them, but the whole death thing tells me I better figure it out soon. I like meat, but only when cut up in small bits mixed with carbs. This should come as no surprise after my bacon hatred confession that I do not like large slabs of meat. I have absolutely no clue what to eat. Please give suggestions before I starve to death.

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  • Kelli Marks

    When Kerri talked about how great gluten-free worked for her, I was convinced that maybe I was suffering from the same thing. So I gave up the gluten (read: pretty much all carbs) for 7 weeks. 7 weeks that ended last week when I said F- it because I still had pain. And dammit, if I’m having pain, I’m having pizza.
    Long answer a little less long? I ate lots of fruit and veggies. (Yes, I know that’s obvious.) And now that I have my carbs back, I still eat some of that.
    That’s it. That’s my answer. It was long and useless. Sorry.

  • diane1230

    Can you do the whole wheat carbs? I have no idea if that is healthier or not, and so this answer might be dumb. 😉

    Great seeing you this past weekend, by the way. We had fun — hope you did, too!

    • Anonymous

      I have absolutely no clue either. The wikipedia article I consulted (in replace of a doctor) didn’t say. I hope so, because that is one of the things I am planning on trying.

      Had a good time too. We should hang out soon.

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