These were not hanging out of my wife after all

After a long week in Austin I was excited to get home and have another ultrasound and baby check last Friday. We go through the ultrasound quickly and move back to the room to talk to the doctor.

The nurse goes over the ultra sound notes and says “Oh, I see your baby is breech.” Now, I start freaking out a bit admittedly, and then without pausing as if it was an additional statement she said “the baby is head up, feet down.”

At this point I interjected and said “Should I take her to the hospital?” in a frantic type of tone. I got some very strange looks from both the baby momma and the nurse.

See, I am unfamiliar with the word “breech”* but it sounds exactly like the word “breach” which I do know. This means “to break through”. So at this very instant I am thinking that there are baby legs hanging out of my wife. Obviously this is something that requires immediate medical attention.

*For those of you wondering, “breech” simply means the baby is turned right side up. The nurse was clarifying, not adding to the original statement. Definitions and terminology matter. No hospital visit needed. The baby just needs to turn soon.

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