First of all, don’t think I am going soft on you all with 3 serious post in a row. I promise to return next week with plenty of absurdity. This one however was completely unplanned and I just felt moved to write it.

We throw out these Follow Friday (#FF) request all the time, the majority of the time we do it wrong. This however needs to be done right. Many of you know @robbymatthews, but if you don’t you need to, here is why.

In 2007 I was working at Aristotle when Robby came to work there. We were always friendly, but a bit cautious of new employees. A couple of weeks after he started my wife talked me into going to Willy D’s, which I avoid like the plague most of the time. I slipped off to the bathroom during one 70’s songs I’ve heard them play a couple of hundred times. On my way I ran into “the new guy”. We chatted for a bit and I found out Robby lived in the same apartment complex. This immediately made him acceptable, knowing where someone lived was a very important thing. (don’t ask if you don’t know)

Over the next year we hung out a lot and got to know each other. We left Aristotle within weeks of each other and have remained in touch every since. Sometimes we will not talk to each other for months, but honestly he has become one of my most consistent friends over the past few years.

That is not why you should follow him though. Robby, despite winning the coveted party tweep award at last year’s #Tweeties, cares more than any person I’ve ever met. While he may not admit it, he has had enough struggles since I’ve met him to make the best of us give up and not care. However if I ever need anything Robby is the first to drop everything and help.

But this is not about me. I’ve seen a generosity over the last couple of years that I’ve never seen in anyone. He has given more time to helping total strangers than anyone I have ever seen.

I watched as Robby begin helping out with the salvation Army only to see the Major shot on Christmas Eve. Robby never gave up helping. I heard the story of his pastor being mugged outside their church. Robby kept doing what he could to help. Recently Robby’s dad has been losing his battle with cancer. I saw Robby working around the clock to keep a watch on his dad and help @canvasLR put together a warming shelter for the area homeless. He worked on it until the hospital finally called saying it was time.

This Friday take the time to not only follow @robbymatthews, get to know him too. He is a wonderful example of how we can all care a little more. I am very proud to call him a friend.

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