Original photo of the bathroom just after moving in. The only one I have with that original wallpaper.

About 3 and 1/2 years ago baby momma and I were heading into our first year of successful co-habitation when we decided that it was time to buy a house. We were paying around $1000/month in rent at the time, and we thought for sure we could manage a mortgage.

We took several months of looking. The first house was too small, second’s backyard flooded (always visit a house when it rains), third smelled and looked like old people, forth was at the bottom of a hill on a busy street and it was suicide getting out of the driveway, fifth had awful mold, sixth was overpriced, and the seventh had heating/cooling issues. It kept going downhill from there.

Finally on about the 11th or 12th house we looked at we were starting to wonder if we were being too picky. We were starting to run out of steam when we came to our last one on what I describe as the “girliest street corner in LR” – ask me sometime if you don’t know. We looked at the pictures and they were good, the house was close to our preferred location, and the price was right.

On the tour of the house we loved the open living/dining/kitchen area. It had a nice sized pantry with a good size storage room. The office had very nice built in shelves covering 2 walls. The hallway bathroom was recently redone with a Jacuzzi tub, and both of the bedrooms were decent sized.

Then we came to the very last room of the tour, the one that had not been pictured anywhere on the website or house flyer. There was a very good reason for this it turns out. It was the ugliest bathroom in Little Rock. It had Pepto Bismol pink tile that covered the floor and half the walls. The other half of the walls had this rose print wall paper. The light fixture was this metal embossed flower. Nothing screams old lady like a metal embossed flower light fixture for the record.

The bathroom was the only part of the house that we hated. We had serious debate about continuing our search and leaving someone else stuck with the bathroom. However after some discussion we decided that the bathroom was at the very back of the house, we can fix it up someday, until then we can just hide it. We ended up buying the house.

Failed attempt to help the bathroom.

Over the past 3 years I’ve made several attempts to do what I can to liven up the bathroom. We ripped out the wallpaper within a few weeks of buying the house. I took down the light fixture and replaced it with a nice modern one and changed out the standard square contractor mirror with a much nicer one. We debated on painting the pink tile, but decided that would not work out well so we tried to do a complimentary brown color on the wall. All it did was accentuate how ugly that pink is. Above all though we stuck with hiding the bathroom with the exception of a few close friends that we took back to the bathroom when we were in need of sympathy. Here is a 360 view of the bathroom in its final state.

What remains of LR's ugliest bathroom

Finally a few months ago we found a leak coming from under the shower of the bathroom. This finally became our excuse to relinquish the title of “Little Rock’s ugliest bathroom”. I am happy to report that the ugliest bathroom is now sitting in my side yard awaiting removal. Soon to be replaced inside with the “coolest bathroom under 100 sqft” shortly before Christmas. I’ll be sure to post updates then.

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