Last night we went and hung out with some only halfway crazy friends. It was a much needed break from being in the house, which is something we honestly need more of.

Naturally when the belly is taken out in public the talk at some point turned to children. Kerri (whose house we crashed) started feeling bad for all the parenting advice once the Maker’s Mark wore off and wrote a blog post. While I have never done the whole blog post in response to a blog post before, there is a first time for everything.

First off, I enjoy advice. Hearing other people’s experiences is wonderful; it helps us know what other people have experienced. No two experiences are the same and having a wide range of experiences to pull from will help us best prepare for our own unique experience.

Second, I set my crazy filter on very high. If it sounds a little batty, I am going to have a hard time trying it on my kid. The first time I heard about BabyWise, which is this psycho structured approach to feeding, I immediately threw that in the crazy column. Having confirmation on my decision to throw it in the crazy column however helps me continue to filter out good advice from bad advice.

Third, your kids are alive and not in jail or the nut house (yet at least). My only hope is to keep Ava alive and not screw her up too bad. Any advice on reaching this goal is much appreciated.

The fact is that I am just doing this day to day. I have no master plan about my impending fatherhood and anyone that tells me there is a master plan gets thrown in the crazy pile. Lived experiences, stories and lessons from friends are the best hope I have at raising a child in a socially acceptable fashion. So please, keep visiting and sharing with us. We need friends. Plus when I screw up I’ll need someone to tell me it will be alright.

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  • Kelli Marks

    As I mentioned on Kerri’s blog, I will refrain from comparing your kid to my dog (this time) since I’ve already compared it to my house. There’s a new show, “Better with you” and one couple is pregnant. Not sure if you watch it, but last nights episode had a part where they recounted all the bad things they had done while raising the currently pregnant woman. She basically calms down when she realizes that she doesn’t remember any of that and turned out OK.
    So yeah, I think you’ll do just fine.
    (Says the crazy non-parent)

  • Diane1230

    Live in the moment, each day — because one day they’re little bitty and the next you’re realizing that you need to figure out if he needs to go to a friggin four year old program or if he’s staying in his current daycare.

    We’re here for both of you, buddy. :-) Anytime you need to ask anything, just let us know.

  • Bkirby816

    I’m glad to see such another good blog coming out of my home town (I am a big fan of Kerri’s blog). I became a father almost one year ago, and I’ll give you two free pieces of advice, one you’ve inevitably heard time and again, and one you may not have heard.

    The first is the one you may not have heard — certainly no one ever told me: be yourself. Your child isn’t a visitor, she’s not there to hang out for a little while. She’s part of your family, part of you. Don’t try too hard to be something you’re not.

    I know, it sounds a lot like common sense, like that should be natural, but I swear to you it took me a year to get comfortable with this idea. You can only sing and dance and entertain your daughter for so long. I do a pretty good song and dance, but it loses its allure after a time. My daughter, Emeline, needs a father, not a distraction… though she does sometimes need to be distracted, so it’s maybe a finer line than you think.

    The other piece is — and please don’t delete my comment — that the time goes by faster than you think. I know. I know, I know. I’m sorry. But it does. My daughter will be one next week. Where one year went is beyond my understanding. I am fairly confident any explanation would defy the fundamental laws of space and time. Treasure each moment — even the hard ones. Based on your writing, I’m sure you will.

    Oh, and one last thing — enjoy it. Have fun. This past year has been the most fun I’ve ever had… evern. And let’s just say I am intimately familiar with the quality work of Mr. Jack Daniels. I know fun. Nothing is more fun than being with your child, even when it doesn’t feel like fun at the time — you look back and I challenge you to think of anything else you’d rather be doing.

    Good luck, and keep up the great work on the blog.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comments and advice. Always great to connect with new people through the blog.

  • Keith

    You don’t need any advice from me – we both married so listen to your wife. 😉

    Babywise does sound crazy and we didn’t adopt that strict schedule but we did use the principles of routine and structure and they’ve been great. The night time routine has help Ladybug become an amazing sleeper.

    I’ve written about it before but get this DVD – Happiest Baby on the Block – The techniques are amazing and work.

    Oh and everything bkirby said. Enjoying the blog.

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