Last night Brandie and I were sitting on the couch together and at some point between Ava kicks she looked over at me and said, “Greg, we really are blessed.”

I get caught up in things a lot, this last year has been incredibly busy trying to manage work, school, projects like Tweetup, and trying to maintain some sort of home life. I worry about grades, grad projects, grant funding to keep my job and a ton of other things. But I am about done with school and managed decent grades. I have options if I ever lost funding. I have a beautiful daughter growing right now that I am going to absolutely spoil because I can.

I also have wonderful friends around me that over the past year have shared in pain and joy. Life is so much better with you all. Here is certainly an incomplete list of you all that have made my life blessed this past year:
@tsudo @angelmg @kerrijack @harpergrubbs @AdenaJ @kellimarks @bryanjones @diane1230 @Baronsquirrel @cottonr @ang0823 @robbymatthews @varvil @Stacey_Boone @pulrich @AshAhrens @eifortune @kat22stl @marleysmom @mrjawright @creativetype1 @KatieMcManners

I really have been blessed. Sometimes it is important to remember that.

As a side note, when I got in the car this morning one of my favorite Brett Dennen songs poped up on my iPod.

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  • Adena

    Thank you for the mention, Greg, and for writing this post. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses of life and begin to feel sorry for ourselves, but it’s important to step back and reflect on our blessings. I hope you, Brandie, and Ava have a Merry Christmas!

  • Kelli Marks

    Thank you for the addition. I am humbled. It’s been good getting to know you this year. I hope next year I can say I get to know you better.

  • Keith

    Thank you. It is very much a two way street my friend.

  • diane1230

    Dude, we are blessed to have both of you as friends. I’m looking forward to watching Dillon, Michael and Ava grow up together. Who knows — maybe we have a match made in heaven! :-)

  • Angel Galloway

    Blessed to have a friend like you! :)

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