I am certainly not the one to start any interior decorating or remodling blog. I’ll return to my normal absurdness and cute daughter posting after this brief intermission. But I am sort of proud of my new bathroom. Mostly because it does not look like a Pepto Bismol bottle threw up all over it.

Several months back I introduced you all to Little Rock’s ugliest bathroom. That bathroom is no more thank goodness. This weekend we were able to put the finishing touches on the new bathroom. I know several of you have asked, and no I did not do the work myself. It was way beyond my handy man skill set (which pretty much stops at screwing together furniture). I did however for the most part design it, because designing things is sort of what I do.

Being such a small bathroom this represented a bit of a challenge. I went with a clean minimalistic look. We used ceramic tiles made to look like wood which helped carry the hardwood from the house over while still giving it a distinct look. The longer tiles also added a bit of visual space to a room that really needs it.

In the shower we went kept the longer tiles but added in an accent strip. We ditched the old shower door that had a frosted look in favor of clear glass, which gives the full dept of the room. I again kept the clean look with the shower head and valve. I went with a river stone shower floor which turned out really nice.

In the rest of the bathroom we went with a slim toilet to add a little additional space. I had a custom cabinet built to fit the area that was narrower to save space. Then I went with a vessel sink to attempt to re-capture almost all of the lost storage by being able to utilize the space directly under the countertop. The only two things kept from the old bathroom were the mirror and light fixture, which were purchased new just a year or so ago.






  • Karen

    I love it. Looks great!

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