With the latest news that Cotton is going to be a dad, that brings our geek in the oven total up to 3 now (that we know of). Might be time to start moving some of our meetings from the bars to the day cares.

Our Refresh group for example will have 5 kids under a year old come this fall. Maybe all these bar venues are causing a little extra friskiness or something.

One thing is for certain, the Little Rock metro is on its way to a geek baby boom.  So wives, if you are looking to have a kid (or another), go ahead and send your guys to Refresh/Tweetup/SoSocial every month and don’t complain.

** Update: Going back and doing the math, the first of November was when I gave the Google Wave presentation at Refresh. The math works out (at least for Keith’s and mine) that it could have been the magical night for geek knock ups.

  • http://www.cottonrohrscheib.com Cotton Rohrscheib

    LOL, I soo have to get on ThinkGeek.com and order that outfit. haha.

  • http://KnowtheNetwork.com Keith

    Loving it.

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