Band-aids for the most part provide little in the way of healing. True, they keep the dirt out, but mostly we put them on to feel a little better about the pain. But here is the thing about Band-aids, when you do decide to pull them off sometimes they hurt like hell.

This whole thing has been a little rough on me. I really wanted to take some time off and let the process heal on its own. However my job is not all that understanding for the most part about things like this. So I have been into work at least part of the day every day since it has happen. To compensate for this open wound that was not given the time to heal I’ve pulled back from other areas of my life. Aside from a great and much-needed lunch on Monday I’ve not been around and spoken to anyone. I’ve also pulled back dramatically on social media, I have tried to check in once or twice a day but I have done next to no reading. That was my Band-Aid to make me feel better about the pain by not looking at the cut.

Today is a forced return to the world, I have to go to class tonight and I will be pushed into a handful of other interactions. I decided to go ahead and catch up a bit on what has gone on Monday-Wednesday as well. That is when I found out that on Monday a good friend and an even better guy went through almost the identical thing that we did. The cut is still there and with the Band-Aid removed I can still see it and feel it, and it hurts like hell. Mostly because still have a very real feeling of what it is like to find this out. I feel like I am in a deep hole and things are closing in around me. The worst part though is knowing that there is someone else feeling like this, because I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, must less someone who I count as a friend.

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