Dear fetus,

Sorry for constantly referring to you as “It”. I swear you will have a name eventually, the problem is that we have absolutely no clue what you are at this point. Frankly it is driving me a little nuts to call you It all the time, hell even “he” or “she” would be better than It, which makes you seem not quite real.

For a while we could refer to you as “the peanut” and that worked great until I was informed that you were no longer the size of a peanut. Currently you are a shrimp or lemon (I can’t keep up), and I certainly don’t want to call you either of those.

We hoped to have another meeting visit with the Dr this week but it was rescheduled. So any chance of you turning the right way for us to see your manhood or womanhood before the Chicago trip is out of the question. Not to mention we would really like to get the ball rolling on registering for baby stuff so some of the people who want to give you a baby shower can start that process.

So looks like you are It for at least one more week, sorry whatever you are.

  • damnyoulittlerock

    A friend of the family called “it” Jake Anne until they found out if “it” was a boy or a girl. Figured they had their bases covered. pronoun for Jake Anne: shim.

  • kat

    In the beginning, we called Nate ‘George’ just because we needed a NAME. ‘The baby’ or ‘the fetus’ just didn’t work for me. We didn’t find out the sex until his day of birth, so once we had some more solid name options we called “it” Nora Nate until he popped out.

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